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With a history of more than 30 years, law education in Jiangsu University is one of the earliest disciplines in liberal arts. In 1985, it began to train junior college students in the machinery industry, and in 1987, it began to recruit undergraduate students in economic law. In 2006, the school of Law was established by integrating the resources of the school, and the law education of Jiangsu University has embarked on a road of rapid development.
After years of development, Law School of Jiangsu University has made great progress. The college has 54 faculty members, including 10 professors, 23 associate professors, 22 doctoral students (including 4 doctoral students), 22 master supervisors, and 6 provincial or above talents. It is a teaching team with reasonable age structure, title structure and educational background structure.
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The research results of the special collective negotiation on the protection of the special right...
Entrusted by Zhenjiang Federation of Trade Unions, the Research and Evaluation Center of Clean Government and Rule of Law of Jiangsu University released the Investigation Report on Special Collective Consultation for Protection of Women ...
October 27, 2021
On the first provincial graduate workstation of Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress System settl...
Recently, good news came from the joint construction project between the Standing Committee of Zhenjiang Municipal People's Congress and the legislative School of Jiangsu University. The Department of Education and the Department of Scie...
July 9, 2021
Congratulations on the success of the law major for being selected as a national first-class unde...
Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on Announcing the List of National and Provincial First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Sites in 2020 (No.7 [2021] of the Department of Education and High...
March 9, 2021
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