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With a history of more than 30 years, law education in Jiangsu University is one of the earliest disciplines in liberal arts. In 1985, it began to train junior college students in the machinery industry, and in 1987, it began to recruit undergraduate students in economic law. In 2006, the school of Law was established by integrating the resources of the school, and the law education of Jiangsu University has embarked on a road of rapid development.

After years of development, Law School of Jiangsu University has made great progress. The college has 54 faculty members, including 10 professors, 23 associate professors, 22 doctoral students (including 4 doctoral students), 22 master supervisors, and 6 provincial or above talents. It is a teaching team with reasonable age structure, title structure and educational background structure.

At present, the school has master's degree authorization centers for first-level disciplines of law and master's degree authorization centers for majors of law, with an annual enrollment of about 110 undergraduates and about 100 postgraduates. It is equipped with the theory of law, department of civil and commercial law, punishment law and procedure law, economic law and international economic law, and with Jiangsu college humanities and social science research base, outside of Jiangsu Province College Graduate Workstation (Luman law firm in Jiangsu), Jiangsu University Research and Evaluation Center (university-level research institution) under the rule of law, Zhenjiang Institute of Rule of Law Government (jointly established by Jiangsu University and Zhenjiang People's Government), Zhenjiang Local Legislation Research Center (university of Jiangsu and Zhenjiang NPC Standing Committee to build), Zhenjiang Anti-corruption Construction Research Center (university of Jiangsu and Zhenjiang discipline build), and other research institutions and platforms.

The college adheres to the concept of teaching-centered development and the discipline construction as the foundation to constantly improve the level of teaching and research. In recent years, the college has undertaken 13 projects funded by the National Social Science Fund, 26 provincial-level research projects funded by the Ministry of Education for Humanities and Social Science, Jiangsu Province for Social Science and 18 municipal-level research projects, and has published 20 books and teaching materials. Publications in CSSCI source journals have been climbing for several years. The research results have been awarded with 26 provincial and municipal awards, such as Jiangsu Provincial Award for Five Projects of Spiritual Civilization, Jiangsu Provincial Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science, Jiangsu Provincial Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science. Many teachers of the college have been awarded the teaching honors of Jiangsu University, the Top Ten Most Popular Teachers of Jiangsu University, the second prize of China Law Education Research Achievement, the first prize of Jiangsu Micro-course Teaching Competition and so on.

The college is committed to cultivating high-quality legal talents with firm ideals and beliefs, solid basic theories, reasonable knowledge structure and outstanding practical ability. Nearly three years, The average pass rate of the college legal professional qualification examination is over 55%. Multi person into London University, University of Leeds, Sheffield University, Renmin University of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China University of Political Science and Law, China University of Political Science and Law and other famous universities at home and abroad for further study. Multiple students join Deheng, Yingke, Dacheng, Zhonglun and other well-known law firms in China, and more than 30% of students are admitted to state organs such as courts and procuratorates at all levels.

The college adheres to the student-centered principle and encourages students to organize colorful cultural and sports activities and take an active part in various competitions at all levels. In recent years, many students have won the first prize of Jiangsu Intellectual Property Contest, bronze prize of Jiangsu Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, third prize of Challenge Cup of Jiangsu Province, champion of Jiangsu University Debate Competition of Blood Donation Cup and other awards, and more than 20 students have been awarded provincial or above honors such as Jiangsu Excellent Young Volunteers.

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