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Law School went to Beijing Yingke (Zhenjiang) Law Firm to visit enterprises and promote employment
April 25, 2023 | View:

On April 24, Wang Peng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the Law School, led a delegation to Beijing Yingke (Zhenjiang) Law Firm to carry out "visit enterprises to promote employment" special activities, Beijing Yingke (Zhenjiang) Law Firm Executive Director Jin Dan and other people received Wang Peng and his party.

Wang Peng and his party visited the Beijing Yingke (Zhenjiang) law firm, and had a discussion and exchange with Jin Dan and others. At the seminar, Wang Kun, director of the management committee of Beijing Yingke (Zhenjiang) Law Firm, gave a comprehensive introduction to the development status and talent demand of Beijing Yingke (Zhenjiang) Law Firm. Wang Peng expressed his appreciation for the special activity of "visiting enterprises and promoting employment" jointly carried out by Beijing Yingke (Zhenjiang) Law Firm and Jiangsu University Law School, and introduced the main initiatives of the Law School in career development and talent training. After that, the two sides had an in-depth exchange on the employment and entrepreneurship of college students, talent training, and cooperation between industry and university research.

The special action of "visiting enterprises to promote employment" further deepened the cooperation between schools and enterprises, broadened the ideas of talent cultivation of the college, and promoted the fuller and higher quality employment of our graduates.

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