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The research results of the special collective negotiation on the protection of the special rights of female employees chaired by Professor Yu Xiaoqi of our institute were released
October 27, 2021 | View:

Entrusted by Zhenjiang Federation of Trade Unions, the Research and Evaluation Center of Clean Government and Rule of Law of Jiangsu University released the Investigation Report on Special Collective Consultation for Protection of Women Workers' Special Rights and Interests in Zhenjiang City at the training class for women workers and cadres of trade unions held recently. The main project leader, Professor Yu Xiaoqi, systematically trained the female cadres in the city around the communication skills in the negotiation process and the special collective negotiation.

The report adopts the methods of questionnaire survey and symposium. Among them, the respondents of the questionnaire survey were trade union staff, managers and male and female employees of some enterprises in Zhenjiang. A total of 1184 questionnaires were distributed and 1122 valid questionnaires were recovered. At the same time, three symposiums were held around provincial and ministerial enterprises, financial enterprises and catering service enterprises in Zhenjiang, with a total of more than 100 participants. The current situation of the protection of the special rights and interests of female employees was investigated from the perspective of three different groups.

It is reported that this achievement has been adopted by the China Federation of trade unions and the Federation of trade unions of Jiangsu Province, and has been widely reported by many medium. The leaders believe that this report has a solid theoretical foundation and high practical guiding significance for promoting women workers' rights protection services.

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