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Law school held practical teaching activities of commercial law course
April 22, 2021 | View:

On April 21st, law school successfully held the practical activities of commercial law course. Kong Xiangen, the vice president of Zhenjiang Bankruptcy Administrators Association and part-time master tutor of law school, was invited to give a lecture. More than 150 undergraduates and some postgraduates of commercial law courses and more than a dozen bankruptcy lawyers participated in this activity. The activity was hosted by Fang Xiaoxia, vice president of law school.

Kong Xiangen combined with his many years of practical experience in bankruptcy law business, explained and discussed the contents of bankruptcy reconciliation, reorganization practice and so on, and combined with the company law, corporate bankruptcy law and the new regulations on bankruptcy procedures in the Civil Code, and focused on the specific process of bankruptcy procedure from the aspects of bankruptcy application, creditor's rights declaration, formulation of bankruptcy scheme, etc. In addition, he also shared his personal interpretation of the future development trend of bankruptcy law, key points in practical operation, classic cases of bankruptcy cases and so on.

Kong Xiangen closely combined with national policies and practical experience, not only explained the bankruptcy procedure in detail, but also discussed the hot and difficult issues in the front of bankruptcy cases and their countermeasures, which deepened everyone's understanding of the knowledge learned in class, understood the practical problems in the field of bankruptcy law and broadened the theoretical vision.

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